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FOX Business
Dec 7, 2013 3:00am EST
which will lead to a lot more utilization of healthcare services in ways that there is no cost effectiveness order intelligent allocation of resources. and you're going to overprice your productsecause you know that consumers don't care and in this case american taxpayers. they are paying the bill. it's a cause some of what is going on with government inthe health care sector generally. but as i said, i'm tryin to be optimistic and this might be the example that people need with genuine medicaid reform, do what was then the ryan budget. let's block this program back to the state. at least as new york ste wants to waste money, only they will pick up the tab is taxpayers. neil: we have had this concept before and nthing has come of it. but hope springs eternal. thank you, my friend. it is good to see you. here is why it is toug arguing minimum wage. many are saying no to more food stamp funding and you always find some heartless person and we have already had it outith liberals and the wage thing. get ready. get ready for a food fight neil: all right, it is time for tonight's edi
FOX Business
Dec 6, 2013 10:00pm EST
healthcare applications that they do receive are riddled with errors. and the house energy and commerce committee releasing new e-mails showing that administration officials knew that they need to delay the health care exchange for small businesses as early as august, but it was not until six weeks later on september 26 that the administration actually announced that it was delaying the on-line portal for small business. energy and commerce committee chairman fred upton said, about that revelation, as the paper trail broadens, we see more a more evidence that the adminiration was fully aware. its signature health care law was not ready for prime tim. the documents we are now reviewing tell a much, much different story than what officials testified to congress. the white house continues to claim is working better. public sentiment, however, is worsening. a new gallup poll shows the majority of americans, 52 percent, say they want a law scaled back or repealed outright compared with 50% to felt that way in october. 37 percent said they want a law expanded or kept as is. joi
FOX Business
Dec 10, 2013 11:00am EST
holding on, caterpillar and united healthcare among the better performers on the dow jones industrials, microsoft and coca-cola and procter and gamble to the downside. looking at the vix today with an up arrow so jitters on wall street showing you nervousness and volatility. the third gauge up four% and right now the dollar pulling back a little bit. dennis: be not afraid. thanks very much. cheryl: the fdic the first financial regulators approving the volcker rule, bringing it closer to matching restrictions to banks following the 2008 financial crisis. peter barnes live with the latest on what is happening with all five agencies despite the weather. >> the government is close because of the snowstorm, all these agencies came in and call themselves to order to has the volcker rule after three years in the making and these titanic battles between government agencies and banks. the rule is coming out over 900 pages, it is part of dodd-frank financial reform named for its biggest advocate, paul volcker. it is supposed to prevent a future financial crisis and taxpayer bailouts.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)